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Whenever large quantities of water are required, or wherever large volumes must be removed, it pays to consider a TRU-FLO axial flow pump. This is because axial flow, propeller pumps are generally considered to be the most efficient pumps available for large volume, low head pumping. Translated into dollars and cents, that means more gallons per kilowatt of power or gallon of fuel for you.

TRU-FLO pumps are designed to fill the precise needs of the customer. The design flexibility inherent in the axial flow pumps, and TRU-FLOís unique production techniques enable the company to build a custom product at production prices.




Standard TRU-FLO construction uses A588 steel, or equal, for column and bowl assemblies to provide superior abrasion and corrosion resistance. The pump shafts are fabricated from high strength carbon steel, or stainless steel, as required. Within the center tubes, the shafts are supported on oil lubricated bronze bearings spaced on four foot centers.